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2019 Riptide Beach Season

2019 Riptide Beach Program Options

Riptide Beach Volleyball is excited to announce the 2019 season! At Riptide, we have a wide range of athletes who enroll in our program. This range includes players from middle school, high school, athletes who have achieved All-Conference and All-State recognition, and players who have committed to a school and are preparing for their first year of collegiate volleyball. Our goal is to help players maximize their potential, wherever they are in their journey. Whether it is preparing for tryouts or a high pressure situation or match, we want them to be ready.

Last year, we had several Riptide teams win tournaments and qualify for nationals, and expect this year to be just as competitive. One change this year is that AVP acquired VolleyAmerica and are now AVP America, with many more local opportunities to compete! 

All athletes will need to have an AVP America membership under Riptide Beach Volleyball and are responsible for signing up at AVP America membership is $20. There is no commitment to participate in tournaments (though players have a lot of fun!). If players are interested in competing, sign ups and entry fees are the responsibility of the players. A list will be provided of the local tournaments and links to all the organizations sponsoring them.

2019 Riptide Beach Summer Program Options

Elite: This program will be for athletes who want to compete at an advanced level. Players must have prior organized volleyball experience. This will be for players who want to compete on the beach and/or are serious about improving their indoor play. Practices will be twice a week (one of which is a competition day). This program will be limited to 32 athletes (16 athletes per practice).

Please note: Final dates and times are TBD

• Timing: Week of May 13th  through August 16th from 630pm -8 pm

• Location: Manchester, CT

• Cost: $325 and will include a Riptide Beach Volleyball t-shirt

Select: This program is for athletes who are looking to improve their overall volleyball skills, and may not want to commit to the whole summer or compete in tournaments. This is excellent preparation for high school tryouts and/or to standout on your high school team. This program will have one practice per week with each session running for 4 weeks.


• Session 1 -Week of May 20th through June 10th from 630-8pm

• Session 2– Week of June 17th through July 15th (no practice week of July 4th) from 630-8pm

• Session 3—Week of July 22nd through August 12th from 630-8pm

• Cost: $75 per session and will include a Riptide Beach Volleyball t-shirt

For both programs, Elite and Select, there will be a limited number of spots this year. Please submit your information as soon as you can to ensure a spot. 

Skills focus for 2019

Each player will learn the structure and strategy behind beach volleyball.  They will develop their fundamental volleyball skills, build strength and endurance competing in the sand, and increase their capacity to compete and succeed in high pressure situations. We believe in a positive and competitive learning environment that is focused on teamwork. 

Each session is led by experienced coaches (i.e. former and current college coaches, high performance club, high school).

Rain-outs are not guaranteed to be made up. We will practice in light rain.


Please click on any of the SIGN UP boxes. Under messages be sure to include players name, age, which program you are interested in and any contact information.  There are a limited number of spots availble  We may want to talk with you and some athletes may get put on a waitlist. 

About Us

Why Beach Volleyball



Top Reasons Why Riptide Beach Volleyball can make you a better volleyball player overall


1. Increased Quality Practice Reps Per Person:

    -Practice all skills consistently

    -Strengthen your weaknesses

    -Solidify ball control and perfect fundamentals

2. Build and Strengthen Teamwork Skills:

     -2 player team forces communication   

     - Build and gain trust, work together as a team

     - Become a leader for your team 

3. Develop Mental Toughness:

     -Execute under pressure – no subs

     -Develop a strategic mindset

     -Learn how to read a players

4. Strength and Conditioning:

     -Become a stronger and more explosive player

     -Move faster and hit harder than ever before

     -Benefits magnified when transferred to 



Our Vision


Our vision at Riptide Beach Volleyball is to introduce athletes to the growing sport of beach volleyball. 
Riptide Beach Volleyball will help develop vollleyball skills in a fun, competitive and positive environment. We will encourage good sportsmanship and build life skills. We will work hard, have fun and promote teamwork. Teams will be coached by former college coaches and  High Performance club coaches. 

What Coaches Think


Here is what some of the best volleyball coaches had to say about the Benefits of Training in the Sand for Indoor Players


Top coaches agree – in fact nearly every reputable collegiate coach in the country agrees - that beach volleyball is one of the best training methods known for improving your indoor performance – and it’s healthy and fun too!

Olympic gold medalist and beach legend Karch Kiraly recommends beach volleyball for indoor players . According to Karch:

It’s easier to take your outdoor skills in to the gym than to bring your indoor skills outside. Simple reason . Beach volleyball forces you to h ave all the skills . That’s why I think it’s a good idea for indoor players to play on the beach . . . . Learning those skills can only help improve a player’s in door performance. All my years playing on the beach as a kid certainly helped my indoor game. If nothing else, a player’s quickness and jump will be increased by playing on soft sand. Karch Kiraly, Beach Volleyball

USA Volleyball’s John Kessel also recommends beach volleyball for improving your indoor game. John says that:

The beach game is GREAT for improving your indoors kills/game. Whatever your weaknesses are, you get to work on them a ton . Unlike the 6 person game, you touch the ball in every rally, and with just two of you covering the court, you learn to read and anticipate much better. Dealing with the sun and wind helps you be more adaptable. Player height is less important outdoors – ball control and skill is more important. . . . Most top level coaches encourage their players to play as much as they can on the  beach . . . .” John Kessel, USA Volleyball Director of Education , Grassroots , Disabled & Beach Volleyball. 

Why is the beach game so effective in improving indoor performance? Mainly because you touch the ball on every play and play in difficult sun, sand and wind conditions that force you to learn good ball control.

John Cook, head coach of the University of Nebraska Women’s Volleyball Program states:

“We feel there are many advantages to training in the sand and we have gone as far as building an in door sand court at Nebraska . Not only can [the players ] play on the sand, but we can train them there as well.”

So if you play indoor volleyball and want to dramatically improve your game, learn, practice and play beach volleyball. It’s effective, healthy and fun!

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Make sure you send players name, age, and program you are interested in!

Please provide the players name, age, what program you are interested in and contact information. 

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